I am a BATist and here are my reasons – Ikenda

As a Development Scholar, i realised that developed societies developed by building Systems, Systems that outlive them and get periodic improvements

Amongst the top contenders, BAT & PO had been Governors, how well did they fare, how well did they improve the Comparative Advantages of their States?
I mean, what Systems can we look back today in their States that are being copied by others?

For BAT, he instituted the first attempt at Traffic Mgt in Nigeria by establishing the Lagos State Traffic Mgt Agency (LASTMA) as a deliberate attempt at managing millions of Human and Vehicular movement in Africa’s most populated City

Next, he knew quite early that Nigeria has the problem of Maintaining Critical Infrastructures, so that he established the Lagos State Infrastructures Maintenance Agency to deal with that challenge

As Governor who’s aware of the Congestion challenges in Lagos, he remodelled the Eko Atlantic City from one of West Africa’s major Slums to a beautiful area so much so that the US has found it worthy of hosting her biggest Consulate anywhere in the World

Moreso, we all recall that BAT it was who tackled the problem of Ocean surge that almost claimed parts of that State

But that is not all.

Recall when NEPA had a very inefficient monopoly on the Power sector, nobody could think anything else until BAT began Nigeria’s first Independent Power Projects (IPP) for public use. It was to counter the embarrassment of his idea on Power that the Obasanjo administration hurriedly began the Power Sector Reform

As Nigeria’s most populated State with her diversities in Religion & Ethnicity, Asiwaju made Lagos a home for everyone irrespective of ethnicity or religion by appointing people from across Nigeria into the Lagos State Government, the first time such occured in Nigeria since 1999. Today, other parts of Nigeria have copied this.
What this means is that an Asiwaju Presidency won’t punish or select people based on Ethnicity or Religion

Most importantly, Asiwaju has lived his life helping others, giving opportunities and creating spaces. How would an Osinbajo would have been a VP had Asiwaju not made him his Commissioner first, how would a Fashola been Governor & Minister had Asiwaju not made him a Chief of Staff, how would a Ben Akabueze being the DG of Nigeria’s Budget Office had Asiwaju not made him his Commissioner or how would a Joe Igbokwe be a top Government Official outside Igboland if not for Asiwaju???

How would Africa & Nigeria deepened democratic tenets had Asiwaju not left his comfort abroad to help remove the Military or how would we have known the Power of Choices & orderly transition of Power in Nigeria had Asiwaju not helped in building one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s most successful opposition Parties??

I am supporting a candidate who isn’t a Messiah & who won’t wish Nigeria’s challenges away, i am rather supporting a candidate who had lived his life supporting others, who understands the importance of Building strong Systems & Institutions as panacea for development

I am Ikenda, a proud BATist

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