World Food Programme (WFP) 2022 Innovation Challenge 

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World Food Programme (WFP) 2022 Innovation Challenge

Interested applicants are invited to apply for World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Challenge 2022. WFP Innovation Challenge in search of game-changing innovations addressing the Global Food Crisis.

Up to 828 million people or more than one in ten of the world’s population still go to bed hungry each night. A deadly combination of conflict, climate change, and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is at the root of soaring hunger numbers.

The economic fallout of the pandemic, and then the war in Ukraine, has pushed prices up and put food out of reach for millions of people across the world. These rising costs are also affecting WFP’s work.

Already at the start of 2022, the price WFP was paying for food was up by 30 percent compared to 2019, and the cost of delivering it had risen by an additional US$42 million a month.

Therefore, for this edition of the WFP Innovation Challenge, we are specifically looking for low and high tech solutions including digital tools. We also encourage strong “wildcard ideas” to apply. Together with the brightest and best minds globally, we will be able to end hunger. WFP’s current innovation priorities are listed below:

  • Innovative solutions to mitigate the rising cost of inputs and food.
  • Innovative solutions to strengthen productivity and outcomes along food value chains.
  • Innovative solutions to build resilient communities through livelihood creation and youth engagement.


Access to WFP Operations
Hands-On Support
Apply to receive up to $100,000 in equity-free funding, with further funding dependent upon progress and measurable achievement of key targets. Successful teams will work with WFP units on the ground to further develop and refine their solutions.` You’ll have the chance to work with technical and industry mentors who will provide guidance and accelerate your progress. Selected projects will be able to apply for the WFP Sprint Programme, a six-month acceleration programme that may qualify for further funding and support. Teams will be able to tap into and leverage our strong network of public, private, and government partners to accelerate implementation.

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