By Benson

The Bible was right wherein it stated that the church is marching on,and the gates of hell shall not prevail”

To this connection, Rivers Apc is marching on,the judiciary and her agents,including Governor wike and pdp,can not stop her,from taking over Rivers government house in 2023 and produce more national and state legislative members.

It’s hundred ? percent certain,that Rivers Apc is not moved or worried by the recent high court pronouncement that disqualified her candidates,hence the national electroal commission (INEC)in a legal battle between Rivers Apc and pdp,testified to monitoring all Apc programs, beginning from congresses to primaries,while also,her legal team are on top of it.

They boast,that Apc is death in Rivers State,yet on daily basis, Governor wike and pdp,spends billions of Rivers tax payers money to woo members of Apc,who they claim does not exist,while her members are helpless,take it to bank,Rivers Apc will not only be on the ballot,but will win the 2023 governorship and other elections and send pdp packing from Rivers government house.

I herein congratulate the over eight hundred field Marshalls of the Rivers Apc campaign council,drawn from all departments of the party,there is no doubt whatsoever,that they have the needed political experience to market our candidates and bring back victory.

As we approach the 2023 electioneering campaign,like a producers who, amongst his fellow competitors has, to the knowledge of the consumers,the best ware to sell,it most effective lines is to go place to place to let people know that his products are indeed comparatively superior,and are available to all of them from the moment they appoint him as their supplier.

To this connection,there is no doubt whatsoever that the Rivers Apc appointed the very best management campaign team,that will go from place to place to market her candidates,and will not indulge in any invective,vitriolic or any of violence against the other parties,as all these are unworthy methods,Apc do not need to employ it to succeed in 2023.

In this assertion,the wise words of Amenhothep iv, pharaoh of Egypt,are pertinent,say he in UNTO THEE I GRANT THE ECONOMY OF LIFE.

Scorn also to depress they competitors by any dishonest or unworthy method; strive to raise thyself above him:so shall thy contest be crowned with honor.

Under the divine guidance of Almighty God,the River Apc has raised itself above all it competitors,be it pdp or others,in terms of organization, discipline,probity and outstanding services to the people, regardless of class,religion and political affiliation,and place of birth,and fortunately all her people through out the length and breadth of Rivers State,are alive to the comparative excellent of Rivers Apc.

The Rivers Apc have raised herself far above the political mud: and those who are in it and strive to splash it on her cooperate body do not only waste their time,but also end up by covering themselves out of recognition, with thick layers of mud.




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