THE LIFE OF A LIAR: Wenenda blast Obi

THE LIFE OF A LIAR: Wenenda blasts Obi

How did we get to the point where people celebrate lies and lack of integrity? And they are giving vent to the plethora of lies. They are now seeing a man’s lack of integrity as a virtue and celebrating an impulsive liar.

Obi lied in his statement because publicly available records said Odili was born in 1948 and graduated from high school in 1967(when Obi was still 7years). Peter Obi graduated from CKC In 1978.

Now, my issue is if he lies on issues that don’t mean much, why should anyone believe ANYTHING he says? As for his clansmen, they believed that Biafra was a matter of weeks & America was going to come and install Director as the President of the same Biafra. So they normally believe all lies.

I’ve seen people make reference to the many gaps in Tinubu’s stories. My question is, does one man’s lack of integrity and lies, justify the fairy tales, lies and lack of integrity of another?

Earlier this week, we were about Soludo said, Obi said. Soludo said Peter lied about the status of investments he claimed he made, Obi army said Soludo was jealous of Obi. For a man who has consistently been a candidate of Var & Fact Checks, it’s shocking how he will be believed and a Soludo is not believed. But again, it’s a testimony of where we are. A bad place.

God save Nigeria ??

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