30 Verifiable Achievements of Amb. Oji Ngofa as Executive Chairman of Eleme LGA

30 Verifiable Achievements of Amb. Oji Ngofa as Executive Chairman of Eleme LGA.

1. He Established the Eleme Development Authority to manage Eleme Development Trust Fund with special focus on drastic alleviation of illiteracy. The bye-law for the establishment of the Development Authority was also sponsored by him.

2. He constructed the Eleme Ultra-Modern Echieta Market. The Market has over 900 lock up shops and open market.

3. He constructed a 500 seater Ngofa Town Hall.

4. He also constructed a 500 seater community Townhall in Eteo Eleme.

5. At a time when Council Chairmen were not known for constructing roads, he constructed the 600metres Nyade Road with drains, in Aleto-Eleme.

6. He constructed the 480 metres of Oji Awala Road with drains in Ogale/Alode Eleme.

7. He constructed to completion the Chumu & Ogboro e-Roads at Agbonchia Eleme LGA.

8. He also constructed a 780 meters Canaan Street in Alesa Eleme Ward One.

9. He carried out the rehabilitation of Water Works, to supply potable water in Nchia-Eleme.

10. He constructed a Water Bore-Hole at Agbeta-Ebubu, Eleme LGA.

11. He upgraded the Industrial Unit Centre in partnership with Intels Nig. Ltd.

12. He Established ICT Centre at the Council Secretariat.

13. He refurbished a 4 Class Room Blocks in Aleto Community School, Aleto.

14. He approved the training of 10 Youths to acquire basic ICT skills and specialized computer programmes at Rivpoly, Bori.

15. He Employed 75 Street Sweepers (widows) across the ten Wards in Eleme LGA.

16. He remodeled, refurbished and furnished the Eleme Legislative Assembly.

17. He constructed a 5000 capacity O’toor Eleme Recreational Centre at 90% completion

18. He constructed the Eleme Ultra-Modern Council up to 60% completion.

19. He constructed a Storey building of 14 Rooms Office Complex with toilets, to completion.

20. He purchased 6 brand new security Toyota Hilux vehicles for effective policing. Eleme was the most secured LGA at a most trying time in Rivers State.

21. He purchased 2 brand new Toyata Hilux Vans for Onne Police Division and Nchia Divisional Headquaters.

22. He Purchased 3 brand new eighteen-seater Nissan Buses for Nulge Eleme Chapter, Legislative Assembly and Eleme Council of Traditional Rulers. He also bought a brand new bus for National Association of Eleme students.

23. He purchased 2 brand new Toyota Haice Buses for Nigeria Legionnaire, Eleme Chapter and Nulge, Eleme Chapter.

24. He Purchase vehicles for the Vice-Chairman, Council Directors and the Leader of the House and other principal officers of his government.

25. He Purchased 10 Jetta vehicles to support transportation in the LGA and also as a means of empowerment to persons from each of the 10 Wards of Eleme.

26. He sponsored students for Master Degree Programme at Salford University, Manchester, England.

27. He purchase a Fitted Mobile Clinic (Ford) for the LGA.

28. He carried out the approval of Scholarships for Four Eleme PHD Students.

29. He carried out the training of (seminars/workshop) of Staffs, Councilors and Executive Members of the LGA.

30. He did all of these things with the prompt payment of workers salary and didn’t owe a dime for one day extra.

Oji was the first person to hold an all-Inclusive Eleme Stakeholders Meeting and made it a tradition. He used this engagement to present account of stewardship to stakeholders across party lines annually.

He was the only council chairman that invited ICPC to look into the Council’s financial operations and organised seminars to Directors of the Council on proper management of Council funds.

Oji was also chairman Ogoni anti-bunkering committee in 2011 charged with the responsibility of clearing the Ogoni environment of bunkering activities to enable UNEP team of experts carry out sampling of contaminated soil in order to produce an accurate report. His works gave birth to the UNEP Report and laid the foundation for the Ogoni Cleanup going on today.

The 15 MVA Eleme power station located at the Eleme New Town was built by the Rivers State Government when Gov. Rotimi Amaechi demanded from the best 4 performing chairmen what they wanted as reward for their performance. Oji Ngofa requested for an improved electricity in Eleme. That power station was a reward for Oji’s performance as Council Boss.

It is not an easy thing to be a best-performing chairman under a Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s administration, because Amaechi himself was the symbol of performance all over the country. For him to have adjudged Amb. Oji Ngofa as the best performing Chairman, it means the man must have been a workaholic.

The secret behind Oji’s success in public office is his undying love for the common man. Such a man will be a worthy representative of the Senatorial District at the Senate, for they say one good turn deserves another.

Oji represents our Vote, our voice and our mandate.

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