Open Letter To Rivers State APC Gubernatorial Candidate, Pastor (ARC) Tonye Cole, Mni By David Oguzierem

Open Letter To Rivers State APC Gubernatorial Candidate, Pastor (ARC) Tonye Cole, Mni By David Oguzierem


Your Excellency, my name is David Oguzierem, Director General of Tonye Cole Associates (TCA)

Sir, I bring you special greeting from my bubbling community, Egwi in Etche Local Government Area of our dear Rivers State.

Your Excellency, I wrote you openly a few weeks back to express my sincere worries about the critical situation of our party, the Rivers APC and your performance as our Guber candidate.

Your Excellency, I like you to permit me to use a few lines to feed you with my honest feedback.

Your Excellency, In the last few weeks, we have watched you with joy transform from a harmless gentlemen to a feared “political terrorist”

From a cool beaded leader to a strong General.

From an influencer to a commander.

From a careful politician to an unstoppable movement.

From a Pastor to an Apostle.

From a peaceful sheep to a roaring Lion.

From a candidate to an incoming governor.

The shambles called Wike executive order 21 and 22 could not deter not stop you.

First it began with Etche, where the opposition accused Rivers APC of mobilizing crowd from neighbouring states.

The intimidating crown that heralded the launch of your campaign in Etche shook the foundation of PDP.

Until now, they have not recovered from the shock.

In Ikwerre Local government, home of indomitable CRA, you displayed power, I mean raw political power.

You spoke and roared like a true son of Kalabari Kingdom.

The PDP thugs retreated despite the bragging that they could stop your movement.

In PHALGA , the PDP led by Mr Allwell & Mr Victor attempted to shut down your movement. They were thought a lesson they will never forget in a hurry.

In Emohua, you chased Wike and Chidi Loyed into hiding.

You drove round major Emohua communities to my surprise. The people were happy to see you physically.

While at Emohua, God used the Appeal Court to restore your mandate. Congratulations sir.

The judgement has since silenced the PDP and buried Nyesom Wike.

I hardly mention Sim Card without network, or rather the barred Sim Card, because he is not running election.

Wike is the one chasing third term shadows through a proxy, Sim Fubara.

Your Excellency, congratulations in advance. You are the Winner. We are awaiting INEC to do the needful by March 2023.

Your Excellency, yesterday January 21st 2023, you took charge of Ogu/Bolo.

This week has been a week of conquest, annihilation, takeover, seizure of territories, and victory.

Five down, Eighteen more LGA to go.

You Excellency, I appeal for a redoubling of the energy, strength and resources invested so far.

We must not loose the tempo and momentum.

We must increase the heat on Wike and PDP.

They are feeling the heat, that’s the reason for the violent reactions.

They are scared and humbled by your sporadic rise to power.

They will increase the violence as we trodge on. We must put all security measures on ground to neutralize their antics.

All those non members of APC, who are being victimized for providing facilities and their presence should be compensated before and after the elections.

Your Excellency, I wish to remind you that you have not hosted, co-opted and deployed all the galant NGOs in Rivers APC.

Having shook the ground in these LGAs, the NGOs should be strategically and technically deployed to go street to street, door to door, person to person.

They have been trained and prepared over the years on street mobilization.

NGO heads should be contacted and possibly deployed as soon as possible..

Finally your Excellency, this election is between you and Wike. He is a bully with a dead conscience. Wike believes that the end justifies the means.

You must activate all known workable strategy to keep leading.

Your voice should be louder.

Your steps should be stronger.

Your words should be punchy and controlling. It is a game of control.

Currently you are leading the polical atmosphere. We must not relent.


God bless Tonye Cole.

God Bless Rivers APC.

God bless Rivers State

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