Architect Pastor Tonye Cole Mni, The Rivers APC Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Run, Win And Deliver The Desired Democratic Dividends To Rivers People – Benson Nwachukwu

Architect Pastor Tonye Cole Mni, The Rivers APC Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Run, Win And Deliver The Desired Democratic Dividends To Rivers People – Benson Nwachukwu

There is no doubt that the March 11th Governorship Elections is surely a knotty and a very hard nut to crack in Rivers State, owing to the fact that no incumbent Governor,since the creation of Rivers State,as proofed by record,however mighty and powerful have been able to produce a successor by himself,HE Peter odilli and Rt hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi,despite their firm control of political powers could not produce there own successors.

The 2023 Rivers Governorship Election will not be different, despite the ranting and political witch_ hunting by Governor wike and his faction of Rivers pdp,Rivers people have long rejected them,as they are only waiting for the deal day,to do the needful.

As we approached the threshold of this year’s Elections, we were reminded by our opponents in pdp of one of the most harrowing episode in the past,the 2019 Elections, wherein Tonye Cole and Rivers Apc was denied been on the ballot.

In 2023,they went further to draw a comparison between 2019 and 2023,and in a fit of demoniacal malevolence predicted that Tonye Cole and Rivers Apc will not be on the ballot again,

Those in Rivers pdp are determined that it should happen again,that Tonye Cole and other candidates of Rivers Apc should not be on the Ballot,but thanks to the Court of appeal,port Harcourt division, that unanimously set aside the judgement of Hon justice Obile of port Harcourt high court, against the case of dual citizenship brought before her,by a faction of Rivers pdp.

The Appeal said that pdp lack the locus standi to have filled the case against Tonye Cole,it went further to declare APCCOLE as the duly and legally elected Governorship candidates of the All progressive Congress,Apc Rivers State.

Further more in this regard,it is pertinent to advert to the experience of one of the greatest politician,states man and philosopher,the world has ever known.
The man is Abraham Lincoln, over a period of 26 year,he contested and lost eight Elections,In the twenty eight years of his attempts,he won the ninth Election and at sixty,he became the president of the United States of America,this is an epic of perseverance:it is Worthy of emulation,and exemplification in the career of every dedicated politician with sense of mission.

However,I say this,in the knowledge that despite the fact that the chances of ARCH PASTOR TONYE COLE MNI,of becoming the Governor of Rivers State,was scuttled in 2019,he have continued to show perseverance in his quest to serve Rivers State and deliver her from her present pitiable conditions.

However,it is still the burning desire of the majority of Rivers people,that at the coming Governorship elections,that sim fubara of pdp,should not be allowed to win,to avoid consolidation of bad governance and tenure elongation for Gov wike in Rivers State.

The unprecedented crowd that Trouped out in Etche,ikwerre omuma,Emohua port Harcourt onelga and ogu/obolo,local governments to herald the Rivers Apc campaign train,is sending a strong signal to a faction of Rivers pdp,that APC is fully on ground and battle ready to take over Rivers State,and also have contradicted many lies they told Rivers people that Apc is just a social club or death in Rivers State.

Going through TONYE COLE’S manifesto,i hope to chronicle on some of his firms and irreversible promises to the entire Rivers people.

1. EDUCATION: Here,Pastor Tonye Cole, stands firmly on an elevated solid ground of concrete fulfilment and unassailable credibility,he sees
Education as the foundation for progress:and the cornerstone of rapid social, economic and political development, from his manifesto,
TONYE COLE attaches greatest importance and utmost priority on Education.

Therefore beginning from 29th of may, when by the grace of God,Tonye Cole is sworn in as the executive Governor of Rivers State, Education in Rivers State will be for all citizens,and in very local government, irrespective of class,tribe and tongue,no matter were you may live or were you may come from beginning from primary, secondary and tertiary.

Tonye Cole,will See and guarantee health for all,I quote Lenin,in this connection he says,”the productivity of a worker depends on the health”if we bear in mind that,in the leninist usage”workers”
Means anyone who does any kind of work at all,be he a student, scholar, priest, professional, labourer, manager,director, civil servant, petty trader,et cetera,et cetera,than it follows that productive of every one of us,every one of our people, depend on his or her health,this is an axiom which requires no expatriation or proof.

Tonye Cole will improve on the welfare of the impoverish workers of Rivers State,the wages, salaries and conditions of service of all categories of workers and employees will be reviewed,Rivers State always has enough resources to cater for the welfare of her people,but they remain ignorant, diseased, hungry, poverty_striken and unhappy, because of mismanagement, plain stealing,and utter incompetence on the part of the majority of those who now administer the state affairs.

Tonye Cole as a global business giant,will attract foregin investment into Rivers State, revive the moribund industries at trans_amadi thereby creating jobs for Rivers youth.

I can say without fear of any contradiction,that since the inception of this present Rivers pdp government,they stopped the sponsorship of Rivers people to pilgrimage, wether to Jerusalem or Mecca.

Tonye Cole as a pastor and Christian will have the harbinger of the welfare of Christian’s and even moslems,to freely go on pilgrimage and Communion with God under conditions of bodily comfort and mental calm.

Tonye Cole will studiously encourage and promote Agriculture in Rivers State, leading to food sufficiency and and massive job creation.
He will promote the organization of farmers into cooperatives,by so doing provide loans and grants to farmers in Rivers State,just to mention but a few.


The most encouraging, inspiring and soul_striring aspect of this historic venture of ushering in this imminent glory,is that every Rivers man and woman, indigenes and non indigenes, elders or youths, high or lowly_ has a part to play.

The grand and unique opportunity for playing an elevating and ennobling part, offers itself during the coming Elections.

It is FOR THE GLORY OF RIVERS STATE, therefore,that we earnestly and sincerely invite you to vote for ARCH PASTOR TONYE COLE AND OTHER RIVERS APC CANDIDATES, during the coming Elections.

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