… says APC will form next govt. in Rivers State come rain, come shine

Frontline Governorship candidate in the 2023 general election in Rivers, His Excellency, Architect Pastor Tonye Patrick Cole has assured the people of Okrika that his administration when elected, will construct a bridge that will link the local government area to Port Harcourt mainland.

Pastor Cole made the promise while speaking to a multitude of supporters at the APC campaign flag-off rally in Okrika LGA.

Cole wondered why the people after many years of existence will have to travel long distances from Port Harcourt mainland before accessing their communities, when according to him, a bridge can be easily connected through the creeks from the state capital to link the community, to save lost of manhours.

“When we entered Okrika, the bridge that was supposed to connect us from Port Harcourt, we didn’t see it. You will see a bridge connecting Port Harcourt to Okrika during my Government. I am a Riverine person, all our islands shall be connected by roads and bridges so that our people can move easily, trade easily and do their businesses easily. Enough of our sufferings, enough of the poverty”.

Tonye Cole told the people that no matter the violence threats, destruction and intimidating antics employed by the Rivers State Government to try to stiffle opposition, they can not stop the resolve and will-power of a people.

He emphasized that the people of Rivers State are determined more than ever before to speak with their PVC’s through their ballots, noting that the APC in Rivers State, notwithstanding the violence orchestrated by the PDP, will win the next election come rain or shine .

“On election day, weather it rains or sun shines, it does not matter. That day APC will win first position. On March 11th, 2023, come rain come shine, APC will triumph in Rivers State and on February 25th, weather it rains or sun shines, APC will win first position”.

“The Rivers State Government today is afraid of the voice of the people, because the voice of the people is the voice of power, the voice of the people is the voice God listens to. That’s why whenever we want to gather; yesterday they went to Omuma LGA to scatter all our equipments, everything. But you see, can they scatter the People’s resolve? Can they scatter the people? No! They are afraid of us, they are afraid of February 25th, 2023, they are afraid of March 11th, 2023. We will occupy Rivers State Government House and it’s your vote that will bring us in, because this government is yours”.

The 2023 Rivers APC gubernatorial standard bearer revealed that his government when elected, will provide financial grants to boast small businesses especially for market women and access to quality health care.

He added that no Rivers child should to suffer in the midst of plenty, especially those who desires to go to school must not be denied access to quality education under his government.

“We were in the market in Okrika, all their complaints are that they need financial support to grow their small businesses. Let me assure you today, Our government will make available business grants to support our traders and those doing small businesses to grow”.

“No Rivers child that desire to go to school should be denied education, none. Our government will be for the vulnerable, we will provide jobs, we will provide access to quality education, we will be able to provide access to quality health care. Rivers people don’t deserve to suffer in the midst of plenty money”.

Tonye Patrick Cole took a swipe at the Rivers PDP governorship candidate, Sir Siminialayi Fubara over comments credited to him, saying he is not a Governor yet, hence he can not talk to Rivers people, that he will only speak to members of the PDP who will elect him.

Tonye Cole told Rivers people that he is accessible, available and he, unlike the PDP candidate, is different, adding that he is reaching out and talking to the people, and will continue to do so especially now that he is seeking their mandate to be Governor and will continue to do so until he becomes their Governor.

“I heard someone said he doesn’t want to talk to Rivers people, that the only those he will talk to are those in his party, PDP. That’s not my problem. Me I want to talk to Rivers people, I want to talk to Okrika people, I want to talk to Ikwerre people, I want to talk to kalabari people, I want to be talking to Andoni people, I want to be talking to Ogoni people, I want to be talking to anyone who is a Rivers person, I want to be talking to non indigenes, I want to be talking to anyone living and doing business in Rivers State”.

“They said they can only talk to people when they are Governor. Me I am not Governor yet but I’ll be Governor. I want to talk to you now, I want talk to you when I become Governor, I want to talk to you at any point in time, I will be talking to Rivers people”.

The Rivers Governorship hopeful pleaded with people regardless of their political, religious or ethnic leanings, particularly those who are tired of bad governance and are desirous of a change to vote the APC all the way through in the presidential, national assembly, Governorship and state assembly elections.

“They said they don’t want your PVC, that they want only PVC of PDP members, only PDP votes that they are expecting. Please, weather you are PPP, weather you are SDP, APC or you do not belong to any political party, vote for us”.

“Anyone, please vote for us, you are PDP please vote for us, SDP vote for me, you are AA, please vote us, you are APC, please vote for me, anybody who is Rivers indigene who is tired of the suffering, those who wants good governance, any Rivers person who desire an end to bad governance, please vote for me, because our government will be about you and me”.

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