We are surprised that the Governor of Rivers State who once referred to the APC as “cancer” instructions to Council Chairmen across the 23 LGAs to canvass Asiwaju -Darlington Nwauju


We are surprised that the Governor of Rivers StateToday, we are surprised that the Governor of Rivers State who once referred to the APC as “cancer” and has mocked our party, that anyone who would try to continue with the legacies of the APC is an enemy of the people of Nigeria, has surprisingly, as we have reliably gathered issued instructions to Council Chairmen across the 23 LGAs to canvass support surreptitiously for the Presidential candidate of the APC, thereby making moves to join the APC through the backdoor rather than staying put with his “malaria” party and solving their internal squabbles.

“Recall that few days ago, the public was served with a bizarre allegation against the APC in Rivers State wherein the Governor of Rivers State alleged that there were intelligence reports that APC in Rivers State was planning to share same campaign venue with the PCC of Atiku/Okowa.

This to say the least is preposterous and illogical as the APC and PDP are two parallel political ideologies competing for the votes and support of Rivers people and Nigerians.

It would infact be unthinkable to have such a never-heard-of and “miraculous” outing play out in any state of the federation not the least Rivers State.

And to drive home our point that the claim of the Governor was bizarre, the same Governor has during a political rally of his party, announced the re-approval of the same stadium for the same Atiku/Okowa PCC and we are tempted to ask – why the summarsault?”.

“We also welcome the approval granted the Presidential Campaign Office for the use of the Liberation Stadium for the 15th February 2023 Presidential Rally of the APC and our Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu in Rivers State and we want to clarify that this approval was sought for and gotten by the Campaign Council through Hon James Faleke (Secretary of the Campaign), who has also reverted to the State Coordinator of the Tinubu Campaign in Rivers State, Pastor (Architect) Tonye Cole and not Tony Okocha (who is not a member of the APC), as the latter is struggling so hard to erroneously portray.

Tony is not and cannot be Coordinator of an APC event as he is merely a member of an NGO under the PCC promoting the candidature of our Presidential candidate. He has no right to address the media either on behalf of the Presidential Rally Committee/LOC or the APC in Rivers State. What we know is that Tony Okocha is working hard to justify his pay from Governor Wike. Tony’s NGO has nothing to do with the preparations by Rivers State APC to host it’s Presidential candidate on the 15th of February 2023.

We are surprised that the PDP in the state is so interested in using the likes of Tony as decoy to join the APC”.

Darlington Nwauju,
Rivers State APC Spokesman Addressing the Press
today at the State Party Secretariat

Thursday 9th February 2023

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