Rethinking Priorities: A Call for a More Balanced Development in Rivers State

The recent news of the current Rivers State government’s planning to construct six flyovers, one bridge, and a ring road in Port Harcourt, costing N220 billion, prompts a critical reassessment of our development priorities.

While infrastructure is a key component of urban growth, it’s crucial to ensure that it doesn’t eclipse other areas in dire need of attention and investment. This plan, echoing the previous administration’s focus on flyovers, raises questions about whether we are truly addressing the most pressing needs of our people.

The current administration’s emphasis on flyovers and roads should not sideline other critical sectors, especially those related to Human Capital Development such as education, healthcare, and social services. These areas require equal, if not more, attention. The N220 billion earmarked for the construction projects could be better utilized if distributed across these sectors, leading to a more balanced development approach and ensuring that the benefits of growth are shared more equitably among Rivers State residents.

In conclusion, while infrastructure development is vital, it should not be the sole focus of our government’s agenda nor to the detriment of Human Capital Development. A more holistic approach, considering the diverse needs of our people and the sustainability of our environment, is needed.

It’s time for the current Rivers State government to rethink its priorities and invest in a future that benefits all its residents.

Tonye Patrick Cole, mni

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