Fuel Subsidies: National Strike Called, See Dates

The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) has announced that it will launch a nationwide strike from 2 August 2023. In doing so, the NLC gave the federal government a seven-day ultimatum to withdraw all alleged anti-poverty measures, including the recent pump gasoline price hike, to suspend planned industrial action. Gave.

The NLC is also urging all affiliates to begin mobilizing other Nigerians, including workers and civil society allies, in long-term strikes and mass protests if the government fails to meet its demands, according to Vanguard. instructed the state legislature.

This is said to be one of the decisions taken at the NLC’s Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting held at the Abuja Labor Hall on Tuesday 25 July.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) declared a “total and indefinite strike”. This was made clear in a statement released Tuesday night, in which residents said, among other things, immediate payments for MRTF 2023, immediate issuance of one-to-one replacement circulars, and skip delinquency payments. It also lists requests for payment, etc.
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The strike action comes after the Speaker of the House called for no action at a meeting with the federation on Monday.

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