No student can graduate without company registration – Uniabuja VC speaks

Professor Abdul Rasheed Naallah, Vice
Chancellor of Abuja University, said it is
now compulsory for all students at the
university to register a company before

The Vice Chancellor said in an address
to journalists that this is not a graduation requirement for students. While presenting journalists with some of the governmenÅ¥’s achievements over the past four years, Naallah said his team had taken a big step in changing the university landscape in terms of infrastructure, learning and industry.

He said the school’s curriculum has been
updated in collaboration with the Abuja
Chamber of Commerce, and students are being taught how to start their own companies without relying on the government or corporations to find jobs..

In his words. “Industry is always on our campus, teaching students how they can contribute to our curriculum. They will do it for you. One of the new things this time is that over 1000 students have registered their companies with the university’s CAC. Students have companies and some evengraduate. There are also 300 level people who may practice registered companies.

“What we want to say to our students is that we dont give out certificates just to find a job. Please, many of them change their minds.” Once you have registered your business, go to the CAC and check your records.

“Did you know that a student cannot graduate from the University of Abuja unless the company is registered with the CAC? This is now the law of this university. You will also need to practice this business as you will need to register
your business 1-2 years beforee graduation.


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