Senate Begins Two-Month Leave

55 days after President Bol Ahmed Tinubu took over office, there are still pending ministerial nominations expected to be submitted to the Senate leadership.

This is when the Senate begins its
summer recess from tomorrow through
the third week of September. Under

Election Code, President Tinubu has a 60-day window to submit a list of candidates for the Senate Secretaryship, which expires on July 28.

A competent source told the Daily Sun
that President Tinubu had prepared a list of proposed ministers but had not yet
submitted them to the Senate for review.

However, it has been decided that before tomorrow’s Senate recess, the President may send a letter requesting more time, or a list of several ministerial candidates, particularly those previously appointed as Special Counsel, to fight the deadline.

The Senate Leader, Micheal Opeyemi
Bamidele, said ministerial list will be
received by the Senate within the next 24 hours.

The main reason list of the ministerial
nominees has not been submitted is
because security agencies conducting
security checks on the woulad-be ministers have not concluded their job.

It was learnt that the security checks were slow because operatives want to be as discreet as possible in order not to alert those being checked.

Sources said the slow security check on the ministeria-nominees is frustrating
President Tinubu, who is under pressure to send the list without the accompanying security report

However, it was gathered that senators
have expressed preference to have the
ministerial-nominees list with the security report. Senator’s preference is based on the fact that a security report on a candidate will also help the Senate decide.

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