We need to be careful, very careful. This is the era of social media, everything we live or do is on the media – Favour Eleru

We need to be careful, very careful. This is the era of social media, everything we live or do is on the media and that’s the only source of joy that Most of us have.

We wanna take beautiful pictures and videos for social media, we want everyone to know how beautiful our marriage is on the social media, we wanna give our testimonies on the social media, advertise our businesses on social media, what we eat on social media where we go on social media?

When are we going to accept that as of today we live for social media? This why we need to take our steps back and ponder on our mistakes on social media.

We are preparing grounds for our children in the future what would they grow to see? We must know that social media is the easiest means of communication, a place where the whole world meets with just N100 data and a smart phone, and it’s not going anywhere soon, It has come to stay!!!

What we say and do this space? Oh dear lord forgive me. Our children will grow to read and see them all! We might try to control what they hear and see for now but we can’t control that forever.

This is why most teenagers are already porn stars and drug addicts, fraudsters too, it’s the things they see on social media. There’s a great competition on this space.

Before, there’re things that we can’t bring up on social media but these days people take drugs, have sex, commit murder, Rape girls, make a videos and put on tiktok, fb, WhatsApp, IG. Then those who want to have opinions about everything will repost, trend it, bloggers will do theirs and the market of a damaged generation is selling fast!

We need to play our roles as parents, brothers, sisters, friends who mean well to save our children from the destruction that’s coming in the future and the time is now, when we stop trending negativity, when we start reporting accounts that promote immortalities, when stop reposting crimes and hailing prevailing injustice.

When we are all woke on marriages and relationships we must be woke too in raising a better generation. It’s the young shall grow not the old shall grow. So who will continue from where we stopped are still being born! We must go behind the scenes to correct our wrongs.

© Favour Eleru Peterson

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